As a mother of two beautiful children and a nursery school teacher by profession, I can, without doubt, say to you that children are bound to get hurt when they overplay themselves or when they don’t follow the principles stated for the play gadgets situated in their school. And in most cases they get hurt.

Children are funny little innocent creatures who throw caution to the wind when they have fun and they don’t care if they get hurt or not. In fact, I had a little case of a kid who was playing so hard that even after she hurt herself in the course of the play she didn’t mind the cut and kept playing until she felt pain itching for recognition in her body and had to be taken for treatment.

This however is not the case for every child because there are some children who don’t play that much with gadgets and they take it seriously when they get hurt but the question still remains on what actually could be done to make a playground safer for children who don’t care about safety when they want to have fun. This article is meant for addressing such a question.

According to statistics, it has been reported that in the United States alone an estimated number of 230,000 children who are under the age of 14 are being catered to the treatment and surgery room for injuries relating from the playground field. A given report by the Center for Disease and control reported that a further estimated 300,000 children would continue to face grievous injuries relating from the playgrounds if care is not taken. To assist with this parents and school guardians are being advised to equip their children playground equipment with sophisticated playground safety features which could provide the proper safety a  child needs to play with his gadgets which has the properties of keeping the child safe from any playground danger.

To help with this there are several playground safety features available which a parent could use to ensure a safe playground for the child and in addition to the safety the type of materials used in the making of the safety features determines how safety it actually could be. If you are a parent or guardian looking to get the proper safety equipment which could assist with your children playtime by keeping them safe, then in here I have compiled for you the best safety features to look out for when you are in the shopping mall.

Before you go to buy the safety equipment you must first provide the environment in which the equipment is going to thrive and to do that you must first remove any concrete build in the environment, packed dirt, overgrown grasses or any asphalt material around the area. Then you can use materials which is available at your disposal which includes either wood chips, engineered wood fiber, sand or pea gravel, synthetic or rubber tiles, poured in place rubber to make the environment safe for the kids to play.

The aim of using this recommended materials is not to prevent a fall or an accident for the kind but what it is aimed at is to prevent grave or serious injuries from occurring for the child when he or she falls on the materials. If the material used to make the playground safe was a wood chip they could still get minor injuries which can only be in form of bruises and lacerations but if in the case of where the child falls on a concrete or concrete pavement, it could lead to a serious injury or even death.

Another factor to which parents or guardian must take into consideration is the spacing for the use of the safety equipment. But why is this an important factor you may ask and you can even say I have space at home which I can keep the equipment and that is all I need, well I hate to tell you this but the truth is that there is a need for proper spacing where your child plays if you are to keep them safe.

This is because the child needs space for his athletic activities and if in the case of where he is driving his swing he may suddenly bash into you when you are looking the other way or bash into something strong and that might lead to an injury. As a parent or guardian, it is recommended that you pay special attention to the kids’ space for his play swings and other equipment of matter. Another important factor to consider is the kid’s line of sight and the adult line of sight.

This is important because you may need to focus on your kid driving the swing or using the seesaw in a case of where mummy loses eye contact over the kid supervision or daddy becomes occupied answering calls, the kid might overplay himself and fall in an injurious manner. Proper space for the playground products itself and not just the safety equipment is needed for the kid to play in a safe environment. This is because every playground equipment requires proper space for it to be used adequately by the child and the reason for this space is to avoid a situation of entrapment for the child when playing with the equipment.

A recommendation made by the Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that the openings on the playground gadgets for the kids should have a diameter of 3.6 inches or a larger than 10 inches to allow for space and prevent a situation of entrapment of the child which in most cases can cause a strangulation and if not managed could become life-threatening.

A foremost hazard of playground injuries results from mostly impalement and entanglement. This is the child is likely to get injuries from these two factors. In a case of entanglement, it happens when the child clothing becomes trapped in the equipment and in the case of an impalement, this usually happens when the child faces or is being pierced by a protruding hardware of the play ground’s gadget.