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College Essay Writing Checklist & Tips

college essay tips

Writing a college essay may involve completing a few steps you can plan ahead of time. It is a matter of understanding your topic and what it needs. Your writing abilities can give an idea on what you need to do in order to produce a good essay. Other times it is a matter of getting a few useful tips to help you put things in better perspective. When you plan ahead you can take your time to complete your essay and get quality content you need. Having a checklist can help make sure you complete your essay to the best of your ability. The following points can give further insight on writing a college essay.

  • Select a topic you are confident you can write about well. Consider resources you may need to use. Make a list of sources you can refer to if necessary and take notes on the topic starting with what you know.
  • Make an outline to help you focus on your essay in smaller parts. This helps you look at your essay without getting overwhelmed. Your essay is broken into smaller sections but you can make notes for each on what points you need to mention or want to discuss.
  • Take your time reviewing essay guidelines. If you are expected to explain certain points or provide explanations be sure to do so. You may need to read the guidelines again after writing your draft to ensure each area is covered.
  • Review samples of your topic to get additional ideas. If you need ideas or want to learn about your topic from another perspective, you can study samples to help you. Compare your findings and take notes on what stood out and what you may want to include in your own.
  • Make time to proofread and edit your final draft. Some students neglect this task simply because they did not have time. This helps recover mistakes and errors you should correct before your essay is reviewed by your instructor.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Depending on your deadline you may be able use an outline to break up the task over time. This reduces stress and frustration of getting your essay done by the deadline.
  • Have someone else read over your content. This can help you spot mistakes you may overlook.

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